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Iggy female in shock after mating

My 5yr old iggy was unexpectedly caught by our lab mix. There was blood and she seemed like she is in shock. She does get up and stretch and walk around. However, prefers to be in a crate in a quiet and dark room. She was crying out in pain and shivering. I did not want this to happen, so I am not happy she is traumatized like this. Any suggestions or information?
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I have never heard of this till it happened to my dog...she was not in heat so there was a lot of blood after she had mated and she wouldn't leave my room she was also petrified of other dogs but i helped her get over the fear now she has had two litters of beautiful puppies i hope that your dog is ok and  comes out of her shell...
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You don't say what breed your Iggy is.....First suggestion is to get her to her Vet ASAP.....What you describe is serious and not normal!!! She is not only traumatized, but is physically injured!!!!

Second-There are no unexpected accidents other than what are human related! If you did not want this to happen & your not happy, then the answer was (And still is) that you need your dogs spayed & neutered.....That's the ONLY answer!

Information: There is no excuse for this....There are many low income S/N clinics through out the US..... Thousands of dogs will die in shelters today for the reasons (As you describe) of irresponsible breeding.......We do not need any more puppies/dogs dieing in shelters because people will not spay and neuter their pets! It just doesn't make sense & it's the animals in shelters that are punished (W/death) for it!!!

Get her to your Vet.......She needs medical attention!!  Then make appointments somewhere to have them both fixed!!!   Karla

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