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Is it possible to be infected by rabies if my puppy has licked my open wound?

Hello. Yesterday night (02/17/2015), I accidentally cut my index finger with a blade but it is not that big. Before I wash my open wound, my puppy who is now 3 months old and doesn't have a vaccine yet has licked my open wound. And now (02/18,2015), I got  fever and I felt tired. I am now worried and scared because based on my research, one of the symptoms of being infected by rabies is having fever. Could you help me? I will appreciate it so much if someone can answer my question.

Thank you very much.
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Welcome to the forum....Is your dog showing any signs of Rabies??? Let us know.....
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The incubation period of rabies with humans is usually between 2 to 12 weeks, Sometimes symptoms can start to develop in less time such as four days, and in also a lot longer time than 12 weeks. But 24 hours is unknown.

Obviously you could only be infected if your puppy was infected with rabies itself. Just not having the shots wouldn't automatically make him infectious. Only if he had been bitten or in close direct contact with a rabid animal, or had come into contact with a rabid animal's saliva.....etc

I think if you are still unsure and worried, get a rabies shot yourself.
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Thank you. I am still observing her if she's showing any signs of rabies. But for now, she's still healthy and energetic.
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Thank you very much. But can I ask again? Because she often lick my face and sometimes my lips too when I am sleeping, because she sleeps beside me. Is it harmful?
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