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Is there something more serious than we think? Please help :(

I have a 5 year old Border Collie cross Labrador. She has always had perfect health up until 2 years ago when she had a period where she wasn't interested in ANY food and would vomit bile. She was admitted to the vets who run blood tests etc. These all came back clear. She was sent home with a jar of Antepsin to have 5ml 3 times a day. She seemed to get over it and was back to normal in a few weeks.. Up until 3 weeks ago.
She has started to be off her food again and has vomited bile with blood in a few times. She has also passed a couple of very dark stools, also spotted with blood.
We took her to the vets who admitted her over night again. She came back to us the next day, with the vet saying everything seemed fine. She was given another bottle of Antepsin. She is hydrated, a healthy weight, perfectly fine in character, still loves to go for walks etc.
She just doesn't want to eat anything, we have offered her normal dog food, vegetables, egg, rice, chicken but she just doesn't seem interested. She hasn't eaten her full day's worth of food in around 3 weeks now.
The purpose of this post is to ask if anybody has any opinions on the matter as I am becoming increasingly worrid about her and I am beginning to wonder if there may be something more sinister that is being over looked.
Melissa xx
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Did the Vet run blood work and do any X-rays at all?  Blood from both ends dies not sound good.  Has she been checked for parasites?
I think maybe I would seek a second opinion.  If you do, get the results of the tests that have been done and take them with you.
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Thanks for the comment. The vets did blood tests but apparently all have come back clear. She run an endoscopy two years ago but said that was fine as well. I just feel like they are only looking at the easy explanations but maybe missing something more sinister.
A lot of people have suggested trying another vet on other forums too so I may try this.
Thanks again! Much appreciated x
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This sounds like a bleeding ulcer or disorder to me.....Fresh blood in vomit AND dark blood in stool IS THE STOMACH! Yes, it's more than likely in the stomach.....The  sucralfate is the go to drug of choice....It treats Stomach ulcers, Stomach inflammation, Esophagus inflammation, etc.

You state she got better on the medication the first time, but not the second time...Correct?

I personally would also try an Antacid AND Nausea Medications (From your Vet) to calm everything down and get her to eat...

Do you have a copy of her bloodwork? You need to get one and study it yourself.....Was she anemic by any chance?

A second opinion wouldn't hurt, but I'd get copies of bloodtest from 1st Vet to take to second one......Just say you want then for your records......Let us know what happens and good luck....Karla
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