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My yorkie who is 16 and a half is on 2.5mg of enalapril one a day and 40mg frusemide half in the morning and quarter at night.
He started being sick a few weeks back so he was put on antibiotics and after about a week he got better but last week he started being sick again, has had a upset tummy and is very wobbly.
I took him back to the vets and they told me to feed him boiled chicken and reduce his frusemide to quarter in the morning and at night and then come back next friday for a blood test as the high dose of frusemide would give a high reading.
My dog eat the chicken but now he wont eat it but he keeps asking for food so i gave him a few little bits of sausage but now he wont eat that as he keeps being sick.
He use to wee a lot on the frusemide but now he is only doing half as much.
He is not dehydrated as the skin on the back of his neck goes back quickly and i have been giving him water but i want to make him as comfortable as i can until the blood test results and i wondered if there is anything i can be doing in the mean time?
Is there anything i can buy to stop him feeling sick or help his kidneys out?
Also as he has heart failure and the point of his meds is to get rid of fluid but if he has kidney failure he needs lots of fluid ie the vets flushing his kidneys, can this be done on him with his heart problem?
I have read a few things about kidney failure saying give low protein but others say give high quality protein so whats best please?
Also have read give low phosphorus and give TUMS to him but is this ok? how do i know how much to give a tiny yorkie?
As he wont eat i am having to false his heart meds down him which he just coughed back up all soggy in to his mouth which then melted so now i do not know if he got his full dose .
I read that some people have there dogs kidneys flushed 3 times a week but i dont want to put him through that as he is a old boy, i am willing to try anything if it makes him feel better but i do not want to do something that will just prolong his life to just suffer.

I do not want him to suffer so any advice would be great thanks
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Good morning & welcome......I'm not sure about your answer, but there is a world of info. for you in a previous posting.....I've looked it up....It's on Page 3 of this forum & it's titled, "4th Stage Renal Failure in My Dog". It's towards the bottom of the page and there's about 80ish replies.....Maybe some of it will help you.....Good luck and maybe someone else with more knowledge on the subject will answer you....In the meantime, go over and read that thread......Karla
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Furosemide 40 mg and spironolactone 25 mg. Should I take both at once or take both the same day at different times or discontinue one? Did anyone can share your experience?
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Hi. You do know you are actually in the dog community forum, do you? Is it you or your dog that is taking these diuretics? Aldactone (spironolactone) and Lasix (furosemide) are occasionally combined to lower blood pressure, maintain electrolyte levels, or reduce fluid retention. They are both commonly referred to as 'water pills'. There are no contraindications that say they should not be taken together. They are better taken in the morning, because they will increase the urgency to urinate, so if you (or your dog) take them in the evening, you (or your dog) will want to visit the loo during the night. Tony
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