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Ketoconazole- My dog won't stop throwing up

We had our dog on some meds to treat an issue he's had since we got him. This last round of meds stopped working before we completed the meds.
Our vet prescribed Ketoconazole for a potential fungal infection. Which he believed may be the cause of the meds short term functionality. I gave my dog 1.5 () pills last night with dinner and he threw up half way through the night. He threw up breakfast this morning, and is throwing up any water (anything really) that he tries to ingest. He's throwing up within minutes of taking the food or water in.
He's lethargic and really sad.

Our vet just said to wait it out till the meds were out of his system, and to give Pepcid if he wont stop throwing up.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to get it out of his system any faster?
I know the basics, water or getting the heart rate up to move something through a system faster. But are there any other ideas??? I feel so badly for my dog and I'm unsure of what to do for him.
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Hold food for 24 hours.  If there's blood in the vomit, then get him to the ER vet immediately.  
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You need to contact your vet immediately and let him know that your dog is vomiting.  This is bad for two reasons.  The first, and most obvious one, is that your dog can easily dehydrate if the vomiting is not brought under control quickly.  The second reason, however, is the (slightly) more important one and that is that ketoconazole can ONLY be utilized by dogs by taking it internally.  They MUST digest the pill to get any effect from it.  If they are vomiting the pill back up or if it is zooming through their system via an attack of diarrhea, they are getting no benefit at ALL from the pill and the whole procedure of giving the pill is totally useless since it's not in their stomach long enough to do them any good.

Your vet needs to be made aware of this so that they can either give them a different medication (griseofulvin, perhaps?) or give them something to control the nausea in the event that ketoconazole is the only antifungal they can use on whatever it is your dog has.  Please let us know how things turn out!  Good luck to you!

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