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Kidney disease or parvo

We went to vet for immunizations. My schnauzer Buddy has kidney failure and I figured since we had a new puppy home we should make sure all our other dogs shots are up to date. doc gave immunizations, bordatella, parvo etc, then took blood to see how his kidneys are doing, I told Doc he has felt so good we couldn't believe he's even sick.
She called later to say the levels they check, I don't have all that memorized, the levels are very poor, even almost as bad when he was dehydrated last year from vomiting that we had 6 days in hospital on IVs.
Then the very next day the vomiting begins, and a little diarrhea. Eating well, then pukes it all up. It's 12:30 at night and I just got up to clean him up, another huge vomiting spell.
Should I see if he got parvo? I've heard it's a live vaccine and the pets can get the disease if their immune system is down. I've read parvo can be treated. Aren't the signs also vomiting and lethargy?
It's just so weird he was fine then takes the vaccine/next day is deathly ill.
Any thoughts?
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How old is your Buddy? My GREATEST concern here is that your Vet chose to vaccinate your dog! Unbelievable!!!! NO dog with any disease should be vaccinated! The vaccine package insert states that very clearly!!!

You should know, however, that all vaccines, including rabies, are medically approved for use in HEALTHY animals ONLY. This is explicitly stated in the package insert for every vaccine. So if your dog or cat is showing any signs of acute or chronic disease, the manufacturers DO NOT recommend administration of the vaccine.

This leads me to believe that your Vet is only in the money making business and not the well-being of your pets!!!

Did Buddy get Parvo from the vaccine? I do not know...There are different rules of thought on that.....I can pretty much guarantee that your Vet won't think so.....If it is Parvo, it's fatal without treatment and your new puppy is now at risk, also.

If this was my dog, I'd definitely go have a fecal run for Parvo just to make sure......While there, ask them for a copy of his blood test results....These are yours and it's important to have them.....You can evaluate his numbers yourself if you had a copy.....
What treatments are in place for your dog's Kidney disease? Any medications, special food or supplements?

Next, I would question what on earth she was thinking to vaccinate a dog w/Kidney Disease? Put her on the spot! I personally consider this malpractice & it could be the difference of whether your Buddy lives or dies!!!!

"It's just so weird he was fine then takes the vaccine/next day is deathly ill." Unfortunately, This happens regularly & is much more common than you are lead to believe!  Many dogs die daily from vaccine or vaccine related illness!

Please, let us know what you find out.....Karla

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Buddy is 4. His blood was perfect last February, but by mid June we took him with vomiting and lethargy and he stayed 6 days in hospital on IV, PUSHING FLUIDS WOULD WORK. Doc said only if it was acute and not chronic if I remember correctly.
The dog felt better but the bloodwork was not great and she thought he would do better at home since vomiting stopped after fluids.
There was not rabies shot though this time, he is on the 3 year vaccine and it was not due. He's on Pepcid ac, iron, epaktatin, tramadol. If he refuses the epaktatin which is most days we give aluminum hydroxide gaviscon
Called her today she said we could give rice and chicken but he still vomited one meal, but 2 meals he kept down. Will add anti nausea med tomorrow. She said every once in a while the vaccines make them feel sick but it's uncommon. He's also had increased thirst. I mentioned this, and it led her back to renal concerns again.
Does this hurt him? I know vomiting is not fun but the kidney disease does it feel like the flu or what? Should we go back and try IVs again or let him go. I could do it if I thought he was uncomfortable. His tail is up most of the day, today he played with the new puppy, but in between that he lay very still. Maybe anti nausea meds are the answer
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In such a young dog that had perfect bloodwork and then in 4 months Kidney failure, I'd have to question the source...I assume poisoning was ruled out, but did you have him checked for ALL Tick diseases (Tick Panel), Kidney Infection, AND Leptospirosis? These 3 can cause Kidney Failure in a short time and need to be ruled out! These are always suspect in a young dog w/sudden failure....Tick Disease & Lepto are treated with the same medication.....Kidney Infection would be different....

"She said every once in a while the vaccines make them feel sick but it's uncommon."  This is incorrect! It's very common....My Vet goes to great lengths to give Benedryl before & have small dose Steroid Liquid on hand after ANY vaccine just in case of reaction......

IMO-Nausea is the worst side effect of Kidney disease.....If you can get that under control, it makes life much better for the dog.......Karla

P.S. Your dog should have been exempt from ALL vaccines for life because of his disease.....Rabies vaccines last at least 5-7 years.....
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Forgot to ask: Did you get a copy of his bloodtest to evaluate yourself?.....Makes it easier for an owner to see exactly what the levels read, when dealing with any disease......
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Thanks no he was treated w doxycycline in hospital for lepto but the test was negative. We could think of no cleaners poisons anything except he likes to eat bunny turds.
Thanks for the info on the vaccinations.
I haven't gotten the blood levels yet but lots of times they show them to me and explain in detail.
If I'm not mistaken the BUN levels and maybe creatinine looked real bad.
The anti nausea med was given today with a tiny bit of hot dog since he vomited his entire breakfast renal Rx food. Then the hotdog came back up after an hour, but I think the pill OLANZAPIN? dissolved. I didn't see it.
Anyone know if I Should give it on an empty stomach?
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Are you sure???

Olanzapine is indicated for the treatment of
schizophrenia. Olanzapine is effective in maintaining
the clinical improvement during continuation therapy
in patients who have shown an initial treatment
response.Olanzapine is indicated for the treatment of
a moderate to severe manic episode.

I don't see that it's used in dogs except as test specimens......Karla
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Oldanestron  sorry you're absolutely right
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DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG HOT DOGS!!!! Especially if he is struggling with kidney disease.  There is too much crap including sodium in there.  Your dog needs high quality protein for meals.

I lost my beagle to CRF in February :( after 13 months of treatments.  What did they give you for nausea?  It's a bit expensive but cerenia comes in a shot form and works well.  

I would withhold food for 24-hours to get his stomach settled.  Try a little gatorade or pedialyte in the water to keep him from dehydrating.  
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Also, try the ground meat/hard boiled egg/bread/rice diet.  Once I stopped feeding Daisy the canned KD food, she gained a little weight and stayed healthy for months.  
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10978295 tn?1414290856
This disease is awful and heartbreaking.  I lost my dog of 13 years to kidney failure and it was so heart wrenching that there was no options to save her. I have therefore developed a petition for veterinary professionals to provide organ transplants to animals on much the same way as we do with humans.  The only difference is that organs would never be taken from a live donar only when they are having to be put asleep with the owners permission.  There will be no  financial gain at any point for veterinary professionals or owners.  Please visit my petition and sign if you agree

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