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Kidney failure

my 15 yr old dachshund was diagnosed with kidney failure last night, he is on 250cc X2 a day sub Q.  Anti nausea and appti increase meds.
He lab results
Urine Specific Gravity 1.015
BUN 122
Creatinine 2.6
Phosphorus 11.4

I gave him his saline under skin last night and this am, this am he is eating and walking and chipper.
I will go home and add another 250 cc
The UA displayed crystals not normal more like antifreeze but there is NO way i have looked everywhere high and low it is impossible. I also have 4 other dachshunds.  I explained to the vet and she said can just be kidney failure period.  Moderate Failure.  My question is can bird seed or bird poop cause this as well?   Also am i doing everything i can do ?   Please reply asap.  

Hydrate under skin 250-300cc x 2 a day
Appetite stimulant Mirtazapire 1/2 tab daily
antibiotics for bladder (clavamox) x2 daily
1/2 pill anti nausea (pepcid)
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