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Lump near dogs penis 10yr old Aussie Shepard

Hershey is a 10 year old Australian Shepard hasn't had much health problems other than three ear surgeries on his ears for burst blood vessels. Today I found a lump next to his penis it's not the other set of "balls" as I call them. It's roundish and moves but doesn't feel like its free moving. Seems to be connected under the skin it doesn't seem to bother him to the touch. I'm hesitant to take him to the Vet we moved here last year and the first visit for updated shots didn't go to well. So I'm looking for help on here. The lump is near the top of his penis under one of his nipples it hangs a little when he's standing. Looks and feels like an oblong/ small egg shape under the skin. Any help would be greatly appreciated !!
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Hi. My first thought was this could be the bulbous gland, which is perfectly normal and is usually visible when a male dog becomes excited and also sometimes when a dog urinates - it is used to 'tie' the canine organs together when they mate. However, this gland is more towards the base of the penis shaft, and I think you are describing a lump that is near to but not on the penis.

Lumps near the penis can be caused by a whole variety of things, and this makes it essential you take your dog to the vet to have this checked out. It could be an allergic reaction to something (such as bacteria, fungus or parasites), it could be a cyst or it could be the result of localized infection. The vet will examine the lump and diagnose the reason it has appeared, probably after also taking some blood for analysis.

This is not something that should be left, as obviously there is the potential for any lump to be something sinister, and therefore the earlier it is properly diagnosed the better. Tony
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It sounds like you know what the bulbous gland is, many people do not.

Sorry you didn't care for the Vet? Are there others near you?  You know anyone who might give you a recommendation?  If not, look other ones up then try typing their name in a Google search followed by reviews and see what you find.

Agree with Tony, could be any number if things.  Due to his age, I would definitely get it checked,  actually, any suspicious limos I usually get checked anyway.

Please do update and good luck
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Yea I do know about the glands I found out years ago. I've read a few other posts and feel like its a cyst. I can pick it up in a way and move it around. It doesn't feel attached underneath, but it's under a nipple. It feels attached to the nipple and goes down past it. It doesn't bother him when touch it. I've kept an eye on it and  it seems to stay the same. I've thought it's gotten smaller but I think it's just different ways he sits. He should be getting close to his check up but I think I may try another vet. That's what ***** he's been going to the same one his whole life. Then the awful experience here I can't leave him with those people. I want to take him and I feel selfish about it, but he's going soon either way.  Thanks for the info I appreciate it!
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