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My Dog Is Very Sick

My local Vet clinic wont re-open for another 3 days.

I have a 1 1/2 year old pit-lab mix and 2 days ago she has symptoms of Red in the whites of her eyes, uncontrolled drooling, discharge from her eyes, she wasnt eating, and has had trouble breathing with the occasional hacking to clear her throat. I have moved her inside until she gets better. I must constantly wiper her drool and I got her Soft dog food to eat. because she could not swallow or chew the hard food.

Today she has added the symptom similar to that of (lock jaw) or tetanus. she cannot open her mouth more than 1-1/2 inches and I am starting to freak out.

She is still drinking liquids and is able to pass urine fine and during parts of the day she shows signs of playful and happiness (wagging tail and trying to lick me). She is in no way hostile and has not showed any signs of (mad) animal.

I dont know what I should do should things take a turn for the worse tonight or over the weekend. I am giving her standard doses of benedryl for dogs to help her stay calm so she can breath and sleep easier. She doesnt have any signs of having worms from what I have researched so I think that can be ruled out from your postings.

Please HELP! I am Scared for her.
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This sounds very serious and you probably should have taken her to the Vet when this started,
Don't you have an ER clinic there?
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I have located an ER clinic I can take her too. My only issue is the unexpected expense as I do not get paid until the 18th and wont they turn me away without upfront payments? As i understand animal care is not like people care and hospitals are required to help someone like me and worry of finances later as animal hospitals and clinics usually refuse services if you don't pay upfront costs
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Jtaylor is correct, this sounds serious.  Give your vet a credit card ...they can admit her and charge you when you pick her up.  She needs blood panel done asap
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Just to update the situation...
My baby got over her illness after about 8 days so I did not take her into the animal hospital or anything. She was excited to return outdoors and I took care to get her new bedding and tarps for her Kennal to block wind and cold air from getting to her in the evenings.

It has been 3 weeks and now she is sick again!

I took her into the hospital this morning first thing and had her evaluated. The initial diagnosis is that she has CMO or Cranialmandibular Osteopathy more commonly known as Lion Jaw. She is staying all day and overnight to get a full medical screening and radiographs done. It costs me a lot of money upfront and I hope she doesnt need futher treatment because I am out of money at this point. I dont even know how I am going to make it to next payday but I went out and got Highly Nutritious food for her (very expensive stuff) as well as an indoor kennal and bedding because she needs structured care from here on out and must be moved indoors.

Turns out that the person I got her from as a puppy was breeding the mom (full breed pitbull) with a halfbreed Pitbull/lab mix that had CMO and it passed down genetically
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Glad you got her to the Vet and got a diagnosis that I have never heard of. Will have to look that up.
Sorry about the financial hardship, happens to all of us.  Hope this can be managed at home.

Did you contact the person you got the dog from? I don't suppose there was any kind if contract.

This is NOT directed at you but just another example why some people should just not be breeding animals if they don't know what the hell they are doing.  That is completely irresponsible then the poor dogs suffer as do the people that buy them.

So sorry.  Hope things turn out ok.

Thanks for the update
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I have not been able to contact the person breeding the animals but I do know she was not a licensed breeder or anything of the sort. I completely agree with the fact people shouldnt breed if they dont know what they are doing because now my baby will suffer from this. I must say that this will in no way turn my love away from my dog. She is the same loving sweetheart I have raised and I will be there every step of the way for her through this illness.

And yes this is primarily an at home care illness unless her facial bones swell too large to get any food in her. then I would need to go have a feeding tube inserted for her.
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