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My chihuahua has been jumping out of the blue

so she's 7yrs old she got her glands cleaned 3 days ago. But still jumps out of no where she seems to be alive sad. Our life has changed since covid we been between two places. She don't seen as happy still loving. Any ideas please.
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I know. The coronavirus has changed life greatly. So many things are harder...to go out just to buy groceries, to social distance, to be separated from friends and family, to get medical appointments etc and most of all, the fear that so many are feeling.
I know, because I have had the virus. I looked it in the face.  It really has changed life.ince you said

I wonder if there could be some inflammation in the anal area? Since she recently had her glands emptied. She may feel a bit sore until that passes. Check for any redness or swelling, and call your vet for advice if you do see anything like that.

Dogs pick up on our emotions....if we are afraid, anxious, worried etc.
But another important thing is, some dogs are not getting the exercise they were used to. It depends on what restrictions are in place, and whether there is any "lockdown" situation in place. Many people don't go to dog parks any more for instance.

In my country (UK) there has been a lockdown since 23 March. People are allowed to exercise once daily for a walk or bicycle ride etc, but mainly there has been a "stay at home" order. Some dogs are not going out for enough exercise. This can make normal routines all messed up for them. It can also affect their regular bowel habits.
And it can make them slightly anxious.
A dog that isn't quite sure what's going on may lie still but watchful and alert, looking a bit sad, big eyes, maybe resting their chin on their paws, watching their people....wondering what's changed.
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