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My dog has a dry cough

Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me...  I have two dogs, they are both 11 yrs old and have been healthy their entire lives.  About a month ago, one of them began coughing- a dry hacking cough that comes on suddenly or after what seems like some difficulty breathing.  She is a jack russell terrier normally around 20lbs and has gained about 3.5 lbs in the past couple months, which I'm not sure has anything to do with her cough.

Anyway, she's been to the vet several times, they've done a EKG and chest  x-ray. They ruled out kennel cough and thought maybe it was a cold turned pneumonia, so they prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatory- first for 10 days(5 for anti inflam), then again for 10 days (5 for anti inflam).  She was better and stopped coughing during the last antibiotic treatment course, but its back again.  The vet now thinks its an allergy. To me, that diagnosis sounds strange since she has been super healthy free of any other issues for 11 yrs.

Anyone had a similar situation and any advice about what this health issue is?

Thank you,
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Welcome...Did the xray show the trachea or the heart? Since the EKG ruled out heart disease (I assume) and if the heart is enlarged, you NEED to rule out Heart Worm disease....If that is ruled out & the heart is enlarged, next would be bronchitis from lack of oxygen to the heart....This will cause a cough & is easy to control once you get the diagnoses....

Next: Because of the age of your dog & the fact that you say he has gained 3.5 lbs.; it's possible that this could be Trachea Collapse (Common in small breeds) & the added weight has caused it.....

Those are my ideas...Let me know what you think....Karla
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There are many possible causes here.  Food allergies and allergies in general being my top two suspects.   My Australian Cattle Dog turned out to be allergic to a high quality dog food that we'd used for years.  We now feed a grain free diet of venison.   No more coughing.

You milage may vary here.  Try switching up your dogs diets and see if it helps.
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