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My dog has been sweating excessively in her sleep, help?

I've had my dog for about four months now, she is a pitbull mix, only a year old, not overweight and is healthy from what I've been told(havent been to the vet for this and I'm not sure if I should or not?). For about 2 months she has been sleeping in my bed, and only for the past few days has she has been sweating a lot in her sleep. When she would move I could see and feel a large area on the bed that was wet, her side and back was wet too. At first I thought she had peed, but it didnt smell like pee, it smelt like wet dog. And it's only in her sleep, she will take a short nap by my side and will wake up to a wet spot on the couch, her and me(if she was leaning or lying right beside me in her sleep). I'm really not sure of what's happening and if there is something wrong with her, I'm honestly quite concerned and not sure of what to do. Please help.
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Wow!  I'll be honest, I didn't know dogs sweat!  I thought this was why they pant.  I just looked it up and dogs only produce sweat on the areas of their body with fur like paws, nose, that little part of their belly.  Here's an article on sweating in dogs.  The paw pads seem to be the most noteworthy place that a dog will sweat from.  Unfortunately, urinary incontinence is the biggest reason for a wet spot while a dog sleeps.  I wonder if there is any way to test the wet spot?  
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I forgot to link the article on dogs sweating.  https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/health/do-dogs-sweat/
I also wondered if there was any way to test the "sweat" in case it really was urine, but I'm not sure if it is because the blanket she has slept on was white, and she left no yellow spot, it was just wet. I also checked the article, and now I'm not sure if she is exactly sweating?
Hi I have a Griffon that gets wet when she sleeps. Dogs don’t sweat like we do it’s the skin excreting something. I’ve been the vets loads to try to find out what causes it. I’ve been told it could be yeast or allergies. I’ve tried 4 different diets raw, single protein hydrolysed and vegan. The best of them all were fly biscuits (insect based kibble made from black fly lavas) they’re made by Percuro.  But there are more and more insect based dog food out there. The one I mentioned above has no animal products in it. They really helped. I think the wetness is related to some type of allergy the trouble is it costs a lot of money to find out what it might be and the tests aren’t always conclusive. You have to be really strict with eliminating different dietary factors. No point feeding an insect based food and then giving your dog a gravy bone treat. It may not be diet it could be dust, pollen but diets a good place to start. Really hope this helps if you find it works let me know!
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