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My dog has late stage renal failure. Help me help him

My dog Jem was diagnosed with renal failure two months ago. He vomited and just couldn't get up. He had a scan. They found renal disease and very small kidneys. We got Jem from the shelter. They don't know if he had it congenital or it developed. They can't tell how old he is. Two weeks of hospitalisation followed. One vet there said put him down. Another said it would be time. Jem hated being at the hospital. I used to take him everywhere. He would wait on his leash. When I went to see him, I walked away for barely 2 meters, him on his leash, to throw his poop bag. And for thé first time in my life, I heard him cry.

We took him home. He wasn't eating and drinking at the hospital. They said take him home then put him down when ready. Jem wasn't ready to go. He was super happy to be home and started eating. He wanted to fight, but on his own terms.

We changed vets. The vet at the hospital left a catether in his leg so it would be easy to put him down. I yanked it out.

The next two weeks were fine. He ate. Not the renal diet but rice with proteins. I snuck in veg where I could. We did sub q fluids daily. Then two weeks ago, he started vomiting. It was several hours after he would eat. I could still see what I fed him.

My baby hated his meds. By now, he was on omeprazole, phosphate binders, anti nausea, vit b supplement and we added sucralfate a few days ago, upped the sub q to twice and had the anti nausea injected into his sub q fluids.

He had a major seizure at home. I think it scared him.

Jem Jem was very hungry. He still wanted to eat. And he would be hours later it all came up in a orange pool. The meat almost untouched.
Then a few days later, he threw up clear fluids with white foam.

Then the white foamy vomit was tinged with pink. I took him to a new vet. He said the vomiting was normal for a kidney failure dog. He gave us the anti nausea to inject with sub q.

We did. Jem still vomits and it is now clear with chocolate coloured liquid. He still wags his tail when we come home. But he has just turned away from food.

I tried his favourites, wet food, chicken, pork. I tried the good for him foods. Ice, sweet potato.Nothing.

I don't know what to do. Last night he laid there exhausted. I prayed for him and was ready to take him on his final journey. Then I woke up a few hours. He threw up and looked relieved from the expulsion.

Sorry this is so long. I wanted to give Jem dignity by providing the context to his story.

I have read lots here and elsewhere and would like your kind advice please.

Is there any hope of "fixing" this so he is not throwing up? A vet said iv at the hospital but the vet said don't, because he hates it. I also promised him we will not leave him again at the vet. If anyone will leave, it will be him.

I don't think the vomiting is "normal" as the vet said. He suggested getting him on cerenia.

What should I do? Change his anti nausea meds?

I just want to know what Jem wants. How do I do that? I looked into his eyes. Sometimes he looks the same as before,  sometimes they are just dazed.

I want to send him off nicely. I read once about a man dying of lung cancer who was allowed to have a last cuban cigar. I would like something like that for Jem as a farewell.

And I want to send him off on his terms. How do I do that?

He deserves nothing but the best. He brought unfailing love to two broken people. How do we now repay him at his greatest time of need?
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