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My dog is losing hair

I have a pitbull he started to lose hair under his tail he kept biting it so we thought that him biting it might bee causing the hait loss but it got worse and my fiancees uncle said to put kerosene on it and of course my crazy finace did (he didnt know what it would do) it burnt his skin and really irritated it even worse  now its not only under his tail but on his 2 back legs and on his private area this was about 2 weeks ago when we put the kerosene he hasnt gotten any better and he is constantly biting at it we thought that it might have just been the kerosene but it wont go away we bought mange med but it isnt helping we bathe him every other day since he first started getting irritated he just isnt getting better please comment back i need some help i dont know what to do
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My chow did the same thing.And my vet suggested that we take beef out of his diet. After we did that and about a week of antibiotics we had no problem. It might be a beef allergy. To be on the safe side take him to the vet. But give that a try.
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Whatever originally caused the irritation is hard to say. But the kerosene could have caused some burning of the skin, and I think by far the best option is to take him to the vet.
It may be Benadryl cream would help. But take him to the vet anyway.

I remember when I was a child, people used to swear by Coal Tar soap for clearing skin problems. I hated the smell of it! It never worked anyway! I suppose that is related to your fiance's uncle's idea that kerosene might help.....but bad idea I think. Never mind, what's done is done. Now that skin needs to get some right medication and heal.
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thank you all for your help adnd yes ginger899 kerosene was a bad idea lol
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