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My dog jumps suddenly and breathes out loudly, then looks around like hes concerned?

Hello! It's the middle of the night, and my dog is suddenly super jumpy. He doesnt run away or anything, but jumps as though something is scaring/shocking him, and he makes a loud and short sound of breathing out. Then he looks around close to him and will proceed to move away...
I thought there might have been a bug of some sort that he saw but he looks at nothing, I have no idea what it is...
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Hi.  Sometimes dogs just do weird things but I'd keep an eye on him.  Again, it is probably nothing but my sister's dog woke them at night, wouldn't settle down and was panting.  The issue was with their dogs lungs.  He needed help from the vet.  So, if this behavior continues, I'd have him looked at.  Since dogs can't tell us what is wrong, sometimes we have to ask for analysis by vets to help.  So, observe and don't hesitate to go.  Here's an article on dogs having trouble breathing: https://www.petmd.com/dog/conditions/respiratory/c_dg_dyspnea_tachypnea_panting.  I always look at tongues too.  If it is nice and pink, great. If it is bluish in color, they may be having trouble breathing as well.  Anyway, let us know how your dog is doing!
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