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My dogs pregnant and loosing drops of blood

My dog is currently 35 days pregnant she’s a French bulldog first time breeding her .so today I noticed 3 drops of blood and took her to vets.vet scanned her said he could see a few pups as her intestine was too large due to just been fed.now she had a previous scan last week and was told she had 4 pups possibly 5 the vet said this is normal in dogs but I’m just worried and unsure.So anyway as I came out of vet room she dropped a few more spots but vet says she’s fine and she’s normal .Am I just been over paranoid or could it be something else as I’m thinking she’s either loosing them or got an infection of some sort she’s back next week for another scan but vet said to be done repaired for nothing to be there . Many thanx
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I'm sorry but I don't quite understand what you wrote at the end:
"but vet said to be done repaired for nothing to be there "

I think French Bulldogs are notorious for being very hard to breed, especially for an inexperienced breeder. I think I seem to remember someone saying that they hardly ever can have a natural birth, and will need a Caesarian...
I know that's jumping ahead of your question, but it's wise to bear in mind that they are hard to breed. That may also mean that someone who doesn't know what they are doing with that breed may not completely understand the signs of a difficult pregnancy either. It's possible that may include your vet.....(I don't know.)

It might be worth trying to speak with a reputable breeder of French Bulldogs, if you can find someone who might be willing to talk/email with you for knowlegeable advice? Even if it's someone in another country. They may email you back if you say you really need some urgent help and advice about the breed.

Otherwise, if you are still unsure, do take her for a second opinion to another vet.
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