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My itchy Shi Tzu

To whom it may concern, My 6 year old Shi Tzu bites and scratches all the time. I have him groomed every 6 weeks, he is on a bland diet of ID that was reccomended by my Vet. He has had a steroid shot once this year, is on a benadryl type shampoo. He does not have fleas. What more can I do? Diane
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A lot of shih tzus seem to having this difficulty recently.  Ours was chewing his feet and had to go to the vet.  Antibiotics seemed to help but now he is scratching his ears.  The vet says there is no infection, no irritation and it might be a behavioral thing - he's bored.  A bored shih tzu  = P

Is the steroid shot for his biting and scratching?  Is he losing hair?  Does he bite and scratch any particular area?  We have four dogs and the shih tzu is the only one who has this problem.  I hope you find an answer.

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We only use Malaseb shampoo when she gets groomed --- I take it with me to the vet ... and also Malseb ear drops to prevent yeast infection even though the use cotton balls .. the Malseb shampoo is otc from the vet and some have just plain vanilla in it to help combat the itchies along with anti-yeast stuff in it and others I think have a steroid in it if really bad ...  worth asking and not terrbly costly.

Mine does the bite the paw thing too ....

Shih Tzu 5.5 yrs old
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The one with the Steroid you probably need a  script for ... I'm not sure .. both may need script but not heavy duty meds or anything like that in the way of shampoo.
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