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My pug Bella!!!!!

I have a 4 yr old pug named Bella!!  We've only had her about a year!  She's been fixed but she still has milk every 6 months!!!  Today when she went potty there was blood in her urine!!  Then I was checking to see if she still had milk and blood also came out of her nipple!!! I'm calling the vet first thing in the morning but I'm really really worried sick and was hoping to get some possible feedback????   We absolutely adore this dog!!  My 14 year old son absolutely loves this dog so very very much and so do all of us!!!   I'm just praying it's nothing too too serious!!!!!!
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How long ago was she spay?  There us a chance somethung was left inside during the spay that is still producing hormones.  This could be false pregnancy, unusual in a spay female.  The bloody discharge from the nipple is of concern.  It could be a mastitis, bacterial infection or something worse.  Glad you are taking her to the Vet.  Please come back and update and good luck.

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