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New 10 month old puppy question

So I just rescued a 10 month old puppy, and I was told and read that he would have fast breathing while asleep due to the stress of adoption, being neutered, and the temperature.

When I picked him up, they said everything went perfectly with no complications and that all the health tests returned negative for infections or heart worms.

But that said nothing about whining, and when I accidentally put small pressure on his stomach while petting, he whined again.

He isn't doing them, just every so often.

I plan to take him to the vet on Saturday or in 10, days when his cone comes off.

But if this isn't exactly normal, I'll take him in sooner.

This being said, he has been crying a lot while wagging his tail and leaning into me. So I'm hoping that I'm over thinking it and he is fine.
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It's possible his belly felt a little tender, especially as it hasn't been long since his neuter surgery (as he is still wearing his cone) So do mention it to the vet. He/she can take a little look and see if all is well there. They will probably "palpate" (examine with mild pressure)the belly in certain places to see if there are any problems.

But on the other hand, when my dog was feeling soppy and affectionate, she had a little whisting-whine thing that she did! She made that little "love sound" all her life when we had a cuddle or a soppy few minutes.

I hope your little pup is just fine. He probably is. He sounds like a sweetheart.
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Ah. Bless you for rescuing the pup!  Poor baby needs love and a home and I'm glad he found it.  So, I'd say this sounds fairly like what you'd expect.  My dog will whine as well when touched a certain way but I look at it like her warning bell.  She's been hurt when pushed in a certain position (or whatever happened) in the past and remembers. She gives me a little warning that she's sensitive to what I'm doing.  True, she'll also do it if she actually IS hurt but often it is just that warning that she's worried.  Leaning into you and wagging the tail, I love it.  I actually googled this once because my dog does this too!  I've not had a dog do it so intensely like my current dog but she is probably the most sensitive and most "needs me" dog I've ever had, if that makes sense.  She loves me.  Ha. (and I love her). My guess is you can wait until Saturday.  If it gets worse and it seems like she is in pain, then take her in before then but this sounds different than something is currently hurting her (other than the usual discomfort).  My dog acts like an alien by the way with that cone on. They don't understand and it's NOT  comfortable. So, that in itself can make them act weird. Let me know what happens, okay?  What did you name him?  
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He actually doesn't pay too much attention to the cone. Forgets its there really.

But I named him Jay because my dad named his new rescue Phoebe.

So... They are Phoebe & Jay
pun intended
Ha ha, I love it!  I am sure Phoebe and Jay will bring lots of good cheer to  their new homes.  Just have to get over the hump.  I'd ask about the whining when you go back for sure.  Let me know what they say!  My dogs do NOT like cones. They tolerate it but I think it just feels strange to them.  
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