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Nursing chi is acting odd and has unusually swollen teats

My chi had an emergency c-section on July 17, and tonight she started to hyperventilate and her teats are very large...more than usual, considering she's nursing.

Does anyone know what might be wrong with her?
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Is she still nursing puppies?  If so, how many? That is almost 6 weeks and pups should be weaned.
Not sure what you mean by hyperventilate???
Aside from that, if the teats are swollen and look inflamed or feel hot, she may have mastitis and should be seen by a Vet ASAP!!
Sorry, just not enough information but, especially in a little dog like this, post C-section and possibly nursing pups, I really would suggest you call your Vet!
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Thank you...she appears to be better, today. I'll certainly make an appointment to have her checked out, though.
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