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Occasional sudden rear leg pain and limping?

My 3 year old samoyed (female) has been having sudden pains in her left rear leg. The first time she suddenly screamed with pain was 5 months ago, suddenly screamed and limped for about 10 seconds. Then she did it once or twice, this went on for 2 - 3 days. Then nothing for 5 months. Yesterday she did the same thing again, and today as well. I can't find anything on the internet but when I touch her leg she doesn't even react as if there is nothing wrong. Right after she starts running, she suddenly screams and limps for seconds, then runs around and jumps as if nothing happened. I can't take her to the vet right now. What is causing this? Any help is appreciated.    
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Ahh, your poor baby!  She's very young which is good. Unfortunately, the breed of samoyeds are prone to hip dysplasia.  It's genetic. They are also known to sometimes get bone and joint problems.  Is she at all over weight?  It's important to keep her at a healthy weight because of these predispositions.  So, do you take your dog to the vet like once a year?  Probably for shots or something I am guessing.  I do a shot clinic to avoid the vet charge but . . . sadly, I would go ahead and make a full vet visit when it is time for your annual visit.  They will hear what you have to say describing her discomfort. Then they do a physical exam.  They will manipulate her hind legs loking for discomfort, grinding, range of motion, etc.  They might take her blood. And an X ray gives complete diagnosis.  I know it is expensive to do all that so maybe just the vet visit would be enough.  Weight management is essential and being careful about her activity as treatment. They may opt to give her a anti-inflammatory non steroidal medicine.  And they will offer surgery if it gets too bad.  This is all IF this is diagnosed for her.  By the way, a healthy diet goes a long way to help prevent hip dysplasia  too.  Glucosamine is a joint supplement that they also give dogs (can be in her food even).

Let me know what you think.  
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Thank you for the input.  She's not overweight and I never miss her daily exercises. We go out 3 times a day and run for 6 hours total, she mostly pulls me with my bicycle.  I don't understand, she suddenly lifts her left foot and screams at it, then 5 seconds later she starts running like crazy like nothing happened. She does this mostly within the first 2 minutes, then we run for hours and nothing. As I said she  had this thing 5 months ago as well. Today I examined her leg as described in my veterinary e-books but she doesn't react to anything. Her diet is fine I feed her the natural samoyed diet, I have all the books and stuff.  I'll take her to the vet soon but, you know, just needed some info.  Thanks again so much, any ideas will be appreciated.  
I agree that it can be confusing.  Now, I my last dog who died at 18 years old (wow, right?) as she got a little older had a flare up of pain from time to time.  It was along her spine and the vet said it was like humans.  They get an injury when younger and then the site will flare up kind of out of nowhere from normal things later in life.  I had a bottle of nsaids for her at this time and would give it to her if she seemed in pain for a few days.  

But your dog is young.  

The issue with hip dysplasia is that it is hereditary and known to happen rather commonly in that breed of dog. Meaning, most vets should be checking for it.  Perhaps your dog is having a joint issue or a twinge of dysplagia.  I would look into glucosamine for her either enriched into her food (easiest) or through supplement.

You can feel her there and she isn't tender or wincing/crying which is good.  You don't feel any swelling either at the joints?  

Is she like me and crying just at the idea of another exercise session but knows she has to do it so then is okay? lol  But really. Dogs are funny sometimes.  

I would journal this. See if you see a pattern or if it increases in times it happens.  If it is happening every time, then get checked sooner rather than later by the vet.

You sound like a really good dog owner.  Very responsible.  Samoyeds are beautiful dogs.
Thank you, I'll look into the supplements. No swelling or stiffness, and while examining I also moved her leg in almost all positions, everything seems normal and she doesn't react. I also massaged her leg for about 15 minutes and she was all happy about it. I really don't understand. My sister tells me it could be a muscle spasm of some sort, is this possible?    
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