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Older dog biting new puppy

Hi, I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice.

We have an 8 year old Spaniel who previously lived with my boyfriend and his parents, with 8 other dogs.
When my boyfriend and I moved in together two years ago, he bought his spaniel with him. The spaniel has settled in well but it was apparent that he was missing the pack behaviour.

Due to this we decided that we were ready for another dog and got our 9 week old German Pointer three days ago. They seemed to be getting on well, with a bit of growling from the spaniel, but nothing out of the ordinary.

But then last night the spaniel went to tell off the puppy, but was incredibly rough, causing three cuts on the pups nose, which bled. We had to take the puppy to an emergency vet as his nose had gone incredibly swollen.

We were with the dogs when it happened and luckily managed to pull the spaniel off .The pup was being playful, so it's understandable why he would get told off but is the spaniel causing the pup to bleed the norm?

Has this happened to anybody else? And if so, do you have any advice which could help?

We love both our dogs and want to make it work, but I am afraid that the spaniel will go for the pup again.

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Three days isn't very long. It's important to introduce dogs slowly. You can't just throw them together and expect them to "work it out."

When I got my 2nd dog we were told to keep 1 in a crate while the other roamed free, and switch them every so often. This got them used to each other's scent. We did this for a few days when we were all hanging out, watching TV or whatnot.

Once they are allowed to physically interact with one another, you have to be vigilant and not allow them to hurt each other. You have to verbally correct their behavior and separate them if need be. Praise them when they do interact well.

Please don't get discouraged - today my boys are best friends and play together nicely.
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