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Organix Dog Food

Has anyone tried the Organix brand dog food? I saw it at a natural pet food store in Fairfax a couple weekends ago and found it in PetFood Express. My two Samoyeds are currently on Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul, a holistic dog food (not sure what that means). I'm trying to decide whether or not to switch them over. I like the idea of organic dog food.
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No experience here, I use Nature's Choice....
But Welcome to the forum, and maybe one of these great people here will post an experience with your dog food...
Good Luck!
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I have been using this food in the US for 2 years. Our Labrador has chronic gastritis (similar to irritable bowel syndome in humans) and she has really thrived on this food. We suppliment is with a tin of Sardines and she is a vision of good health.
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