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Pet's impact to pregnancy

We have a 8 months old golden retriever in our family. We are also planning to have a baby. What should I do to avoid the pet impact to pregnancy?
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Hi annana119,
I was a veterinary technician for 12 yrs before I became disabled. I wish more people would ask this question prior to bringing home a new baby when they have any breed of dog that is treated like part of the family!
My own personal experience was great! My dog and I were inseparable. He was a dobe shepherd mix. We were extremely bonded because we trained for years together and he was a demonstration dog for obedience classes. Once I was pregnant I didn't let my time with him slack at all. We still spent time every day walking together and training.
When it came time to bring my son home,
the first thing I did was-  I took one of the receiving blankets that I had received as a gift and I asked the nurses to wrap my son in it for the day. I then gave it to my husband and told him to bring it home, let my dog sniff it and I told him to make sure he praised him UP and Down when he was sniffing the blanket. I know it sound stupid but introducing the scent of your newborn is EXTREMELY important in the process of having the dog accept the child, he/she will already be familiar with the scent of the baby when the baby comes home. Secondly- when I came home with my son. I had my husband wait outside with the baby while I went in to say hello to my dog. I gave him tons of praise and then my husband came in the door and I immediately let him go over and sniff my sons head, praising him the whole time. He wagged his tail with joy and again he got tons and tons of praise!!
I NEVER had any problems with my dog and my son. He never, ever nipped at him. He was my sons protector and his best friend!! He slept at the foot of his bassinet the day he came home and from that day forward they were best friends! My dog passed away a few years ago, but he was awesome.
I may have had an extremely lucky experience, however I truly believe that my dog was SO accepting of my sons because he was not "shocked" by the introduction of the baby to the household. He was introduced to the scent of them before they even came home. I made sure he got to greet me alone, so there was no "jealousy" for that first time and he was always always praised for being so sweet and gentle to both of my boys!! I used the same method when I brought home my second son and I still had no problems or issues!
I wish you the best of luck, I hope you have as wonderful of an experience as I did bringing home my boys!! Please keep me updated!
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You are going to have a nanny when your baby starts to explore.My Golden Shane helped bring my grandaughter up and has given her a deep love of animals.

Without getting in trouble from all the other breeders of different dogs ....Golden Retrievers are unsurpassed as dogs for children you not get any better or more kind or caring.As good .....    yes  as you can see from precious woman.What wonderful advice she has given you, her dog was an extension of her .....a true animal lover.
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