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Pink Spots

For the past three months my 2 year old dog has been getting these tiny pink spots on her lips or on the skin between her lips and nose.  They seem not to bother her and I can touch them and she seems like they are painless.  They come and go in different spots.  Does anyone know what this is?

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I have a 2yr old dog and for the last week or so her lips have gotten these tiny pink spots too.  She seems fine- and lets me touch them. She's eating good. I'm looking for the same answer.

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maybe it could be an allergy to something! like food etc .

what are you both feeding your dogs?

Is your dog itchy or rubbing the face?

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What kind of bowl does she eat & drink from?   Just curious.....Karla
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The bowl thing Karla mentioned could be an issue. I'm not really sure about dogs, but I know cats can get feline acne from eating (and drinking) out of plastic bowls. For cats prone to this, they usually recommend stainless steel/metal or ceramic bowls.
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