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Possible pancreatitis ?

My Beemer, 12 year old German Wirehaired Pointer, has been perfectly healthy and active until 10 days ago..
No one who meets Beemer can believe that she's 12..seriously..She's always been a fireball.
10 days ago, I came home from work and she wouldn't use one of her back legs...You could pull on it, bend it, put pressure on her hips and she didn't show any signs of pain...And yet she wouldn't use the leg..The next day she was using her leg again, but was having very obvious abdominal pain.
She's all roach backed now...Like something is terribly wrong in her abdomen...She's in HORRIFIC pain..She's been to 3 vets in the last 10 days...No one can tell me what's wrong with my baby..
Complete bloodwork, xrays, urinalisis...There's nothing there...And yet right now, she's laying on her side whimpering with every breath..:-(
She's in such horrible pain..
My funds are depleted...There's no more money and no more credit..I've spent a fortune in the last 10 days to find out what's wrong..
There's no infection, slightly elevated temp (102.2), rapid heart beat (ofcourse, she's in terrible pain), she's more comfortable sitting or standing than she is laying down..She's exhausted, and so am I..
She's on meloxicam for the pain and the last vet put her on baytril.
She's not getting any better but she's not worse either..She's been in so much pain for so long that I'm scared to think she may give up...Any suggestions are greatly appreciated and if anyone would like to post a possible diagnosis PLEASE DO.
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I know you said they've done xrays, have they checked her spine? It sounds like a back injury. Maybe a specialist would be in order. Also have they checked for Lymes?

I know you said she's on pain med and antibiotics.. Has she been given any anti-inflammatories or steroids? If its a back injury they may help..
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Thankyou for your reply..And thankyou to anyone else who read this and maybe tried to help me figure it out..The xrays didn't show any sign of back injuries.

Beemer died this morning a 5:36 am.

I was up all night with her praying and when I finally realized that God wasn't going to answer my prayer, I prayed a different prayer..For God to not let her suffer anymore and to take her to be with her long gone sister Tigger...This prayer he answered immediately.

It's very very empty in this house right now.
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Oh my....I am so sorry for your loss! I was one that was giving serious thought to what this could be. My apologizes for not having a response. It sounds as if you did everything in your power to help her. Sometimes that's all we can do. I have prayed both of those prayers before, also. I know how empty the house is now; I remember it well!  I am glad she's running, painless, with her sister Tigger. That makes me smile!  Again, I wish you comfort and peace.  I hope with time, your heart will heal......  Sincerely, Karla
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I am so sorry.  I wish I had some words of wisdom to help you through your grief.  Just know you aren't alone.  We've all suffered the loss of a beloved companion and understand the pain.  Time is the only thing that helps you to remember all the good times and finally forget the ending.  Blessings, Jennifer
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