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Puppy Pit keeps vomiting

Im a bit worried because I have a 8 weeks old pitbull and she has been recently vomiting at least once a day for about 3 days and has vomited at least 5 times the past week. I don't know if shes vomiting as a result of eating a particular object because every time I take her outside she always looks for something on the grass to bite and eat. A few days ago she ate a dead frog and threw up and ate her vomit and threw up 2 times, and then 2 days after that she woke up vomiting again. And today after feeding her she vomited he food. And Im just going to list some of her symptoms or her recent behavior. She keeps itching herself, she bites and attempts to swallow any small object she can get in her mouth. Sometimes she denies her puppy food(puppy chow). She has been eating very little. And her attitude is pretty normal but she sleeps alot and always wants to nip on my hand.And she breathes loud in her sleep. So with that being said I would really appreciate it if someone has any suggestions or helpful thought,or advice to give me.
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You need to get her to a vet asap! For her to be only 8 weeks and vomiting this much and not eating a lot, she can potentially become hyoglycemic... that and it depends on the frog she ate. She could also not be partial to the food, try switching that up after you go to the vet. Also, does she have all her shots?? And is she on a flea and heartworm medication?? She could have fleas that irritate her, or intestinal parasites that she got from her mom and that she needs to be dewormed for. Please get her to the vet asap though... there could be worse problems coming if you don't get her there soon. Good Luck.
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You said that she ate a dead frog a few days ago and threw it up.  What state do you live in?  What kind of frog was it?  And more importantly, was it a frog or a toad?  There are two types of toads in this country that are EXTREMELY toxic to pets.  If it was a toad that she ate, the fact that it was already dead and she threw it up might be what saved her since a dead toad wouldn't continue to produce more toxins from its skin once it ceased to live, and .  The once-a-day vomiting could be leftover from the toxins in the toad.  The toxins on some toads and frogs are so toxic that the animals don't even have to eat them in order to be poisoned.  The toad or frog can simply sit on the dog's outdoor water bowl and enough of the nasty secretion will be left on the bowl to make the dog ill.  I would take her to the vet to have her examined to make sure it wasn't something else that she ate that could be causing a blockage, and if that checks out OK, I would have to go with the cause being the dead one that she ate.  I don't think that, at this point, if it WAS the frog/toad, that she would be in any danger, but she may need something from the vet to help her with any toxins that remain in her body.  Please let us know what the vet says and what he feels is her problem.  I'm very interested to know if it was the frog/toad.

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Please get her to a vet as soon as possible.  Chewing and swallowing non-food objects (typical for a puppy) can result in a fatal bowel obstruction.  The vomiting has gone on too long so please get professional help!
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When you say "itching herself" do you mean she is kicking at her belly with her hind legs, like scratching an itch?
Sometimes dogs do that because they have belly pain.
It could be that she is throwing up as a result of eating inapproprate things. She is still learning about the world, what looks interesting to eat -her stomach may well not agree with! (like the dead frog)
Or it could be she is throwing up because something really does not suit her -such as her regular food for instance.
Or it could be she has actually ingested something with all her biting and nibbling at objects -and she has a blockage somewhere.
Vomiting occasionally is nothing much to worry about. But vomiting daily -is. At the least she could get dehydrated.
It's a bit of a red flag also that she has started refusing her food. That s not normal, and as she is still a growing dog, she needs her food. I would take her to be checked out.

I would also take a stool sample with you to the vet, and get it checked thoroughly for parasites or worms. It may not be this, but it's best to start somewhere
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