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Puppy fainted? Shock?...

Lovely to meet you all! ☺️
I'm new here and was really hoping if anyone could offer any advice or has had a similar experience?
I'm the gushingly proud owner of my gorgeous toy poodle (14.5 weeks old)...
Last week we were in the kitchen (Lino flooring), I picked up her toy, she jumped up to get it, but jumped to about my knee height, and fell straight back down on her right hand side on the floor.
She was lying there motionless but completely rigid (like rigor Mortis) on her side, neck at an angle, eyes stuck open but not blinking or moving side to side, and her body was completely rigid.
Apart from myself screaming and crying uncontrollably (she's my first puppy and I was not prepared at all for how much you as an owner are completely and utterly emotionally devoted to your pups!) - my first thought was that she'd badly damaged her neck.
Being careful to avoid the neck area- I tried to massage her tight limbs and rigid body...and after 1-2 mins she relaxed and slowly sat up.
Of course I took her STRAIGHT to the emergency vets, by this point she was a little shaken but completely normal behaviour.
They checked her breathing, heart rate, pulse at several locations of her body, Body temp, balance, pain along spine, but they only commented saying her right eye (the side she landed on) dilates slightly slower than the left - but this should recover easily.,,

I would really like to ask

1) has anyone had any experience of this?...or heard of it? The vets couldn't really say what happened...was she caught in shock? Was it a faint?...had she knocked herself out?...

I know what happened doesn't matter, it's in the past, she's absolutely fine now...but being honest with you guys- I found it beyond distressing...I'd say the hardest experience of my life (just as I was totally emotionally caught unaware for it...and I've waited so long for her, I have all the hopes and anxieties of any new first time owner...) and I can't get it out of my head, and if really like to know if anyone can shed some light on this experience...

2) she's going for a check up regarding this incident in around 10 days time...if anyone had a similar experience is there anything I should keep an eye out for? Did your pup have any lasting symptoms?...

Phew....sorry that was so long winded.

Again I know it seems like a bizarre question, it's happened, she appears to be completely herself -emotionally AND medically....I just can't stop thinking about it, and wondering...WHAT happened?!?

Much love,

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Since you took your little one to your vet and nothing was found,I
assume she has shown no other problems since the fall I think
you can breathe a bit easier now.A dog's skull is harder than a
human skull,I aso think perhaps she knocked herself out when
she fell by the symptoms you said.
Since she will be re-checked in 10 days the vet will check her
for any new problems.
IF she shows any symptoms like these she should go right into
the vet ASAP!
Abnormal level of consciousness Differences in pupil size Rigid limbs Flaccid limbs Unusual eye movement Bleeding from the nostril Bleeding from the ear canal Seizures Head tilt to one side ot the othernot holding
her head up normal.
Puppies are known for doing some crazy things,silly fur kids!
Please come back and let us know how she is doing.
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Thanks Jan,
I really appreciate your reply!
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Thanks Jan,
I really appreciate your reply!
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Thanks Jan,
I really appreciate your reply!
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Thanks Jan,
I really appreciate your reply!
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Hi jan-
Sorry - I wrote a really long reply and it keeps posting just the first line...?! You can tell I'm new to this forum can't you!
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