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Pyometra - After Surgery Swelling

My 3-3/4 lb. chihuahua had surgery on Thursday for pyometra. The uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries were all removed. The case was quite bad, even though she hadn't shown any signs of illness until this Tuesday (2 days prior to surgery). She is now recovering, but I'm a little worried that she seems to have a bit of swelling in the tummy area, more so on the right side. Post-surgery, her belly did look very sunken.

Here are links to photos of how she looks now. The area I'm concerned about is around her bottom two nipples, especially the right nipple (left side of photos).

Is swelling normal from this surgery, or should I be worried?

Thanks for any information.
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I answerd this but then it was gone...Pyometra
is a very serious infection in a dog as your vet
probley told you,life threatening for many dogs
your girl was one of the lucky ones!
Please do get ahold of your vet who did this
surgery,it may be something they want to re-
check or can answer over the phone but I sure
would give them a call as soon as possible.
If you can not get your vet you might want to
contact a ER clinic in your area( on call vets)
and ask them.
Pyometra can be a "silent killer" for female
dogs as many symptoms do not show up
right away until it progresses to "urget,life
threatening infection"which is why I say you
were very fortunate your vet caught it right
All the best wishes for your girl to get over
and past this surgery...BUT PLEASE CALL
SOMEONE ASAP to ask about her swelling.
Come back to let us know how she is doing.
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I have a 2 year old lab/dachsund mix named Max who was diagnosed with Leptospirosis on 10/5/15. He was vomiting and when I realized he could not even keep water down I took him to the vet. We had just moved to Chicago from Florida and we have a lot of wildlife in our new backyard because my neighbors have a giant picnic they keep full of peanuts and bread/birdseed. I took Max in to a new vet I have never gone to before and they did a blood test and found his creat/BUN was 13.2/120. I immediately brought him in for 3 days of IV fluids and other medications. They sent off a test for Lepto and started him on meds for it. After 3 days of this we retested him and he had only dropped to a 12.5/110 BUN. My vet told me basically nothing other than I should put him down as she didn't think he would make it. I opted for a 2nd opinion and took him to another vet who showed me how to give him Subq fluids at home every day and she was a lot more optomistic saying she has seen dogs regain their kidney function after a few weeks or even months of supportive therapy. I listened to her and have  been giving his fluids every day and had his blood retested 3 weeks ago and his levels had dropped to 2.5/60BUN. We then cut his fluids back to every other day and today I retested and he is at 2.1/55BUN. He seems like he is back to normal now, he is full of energy is eats and is happy eating and drinking well. I am hoping he will continue to improve but I would really appreciate any feedback I don't want to get my hopes up more than I already have.  Thanks for any feedback.
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AHHH my gosh Patty,I am sorry your boy seems
to be having kidney issues,if you look to the
right you will see "Related Forums" please click
on "GROUPS"you will see a forum for dogs who
also have Kidney issues.
The person who runs this forum is VERY WISE
and had much knowledge on kidney problems,
lots of folks there are also working through the
same problems and you will find help and some
great advice there.
I AM POSSITIVE TONI will have some great
insight,he is in England so time difference but
he will respond when he sees your post.
HUGE HUGS,loving thoughts to your little guy.
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