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Rimadyl and seizures

My dog is a four year old rotti. She was prescribed rimadyl for a tear in a ligament. After 6 days she has had her first seizure. The vet say there is no way rimadyl would do that. They wanted to put her on a seizure medicine that day. I waited to see if and when she would have her next seizure. A month later she had one. It was not nearly as bad and she recovered much more quickly. Could the rimadyl have caused the first seizure? Could it be possible that having the first seizure would cause more? Maybe the rimadyl could still be in her system enough to cause second? Or is she just a late blooming epileptic?
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Seizures can be a side effect of Rimadyl. Your girl might also be sensitive to the drug. Dogs are all different in the way they cope with medications, just as people are.
And of course, the vet will say "there is no way Rimadyl could cause such effects"!!
They said the same to me when my dog reacted violently to her booster jabs one year. In our case there was an option and from then on I insisted on it. But the vets denied any link between her symptoms and the vaccines.

It IS always possible she does have an epileptic condition, but of course, there is another drug regimen for that and then there is a slippery slope of one drug to combat another! Usually it's only a trial with the epilepsy drug that results in a diagnosis, and even then there is guesswork involved.

I have heard Rimadyl has some history of not always suiting dogs at all. It may be useful in terminal situations and hospice at home care, but well.....

Please don't take my advice as gospel truth as I am not a veterinarian, but maybe she might improve now that Rimadyl is stopped?
I have heard Metacam works very well for pain relief, and though that also will have side effects and may be contra-indicated for your dog, it is a possible alternative if you can get it?
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Thank you.
She very well may have an epileptic condition.  The vet did make comment that it was late in life to start showing signs, but not out of the question.
I just can’t see rimadyl causing issues a month later. I keep hoping it may be residual but it may not be.
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