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Seizures from dog flu vaccination and treatment with keppra

Hi all my Doberman Raven is 7 and I took her into the vet for her rabies distemper and parvovirus shot.    These are the "normal" ones she gets. Never an issue.   I had heard about the dog flu shot and read the blogs on it.  I asked about it and they said no side effects so I said go ahead.    That night severe diarrhea ....thought ok a reaction.  Next day and for two weeks total loss of appetite then A major seizure while she and I were walking.  I never saw anything like it and thought she was dying.   Took to vet they gave her shot of Valium and brought her home.  7 hours later second seizure.   They don't think it's related to vaccines, but prior to this never any issues.....went to holistic vet for some homeopathic Detox and anti inflamatory Meds.  All well for two weeks then two more seizures.  Both holistic vet and normal vet suggested keppra .  She is now on 500 mg three times a day and seems a bit more anxious and not 100% herself.   A bit more jumpy and fearful of strangers.  I'm told that may have to adjust dosage or add other treatment drugs depending on how this works out.   Has anyone had their dog get seizures as a side effect of the dog flu vaccine?    And has keppra been successful as a sole treatment option?
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