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Snorting Noises in my 6 yr old boxers

My 6 year old boxer makes snorting noises when she goes to eat....she also has a little cough and brings up a few biscuits..  i took her to vet and was told tonsilitis? i am not sure as after the medication she is still the same.... she still eats and drinks but has lost some weight..... i have another appointment this week with a different vet....
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It sounds like it could be either a problem with an elongated soft palate or a reflux problem. Given your dog's age I would think reflux would be more likely.

Please let us know what the new vet says! Good luck!
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possible food allergies.
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I have been to vet they want to put her under to see what the cause is as she still is doing this..(not so bad now but still there). and even when not eating she sounds like a warthog lol i personally think its the flap of skin at the back of the throat....??? but we shall see.... i have posted the same thing on another site but they have come up with it may be megaosephegus where the esophagus enlarges like a balloon and doesnt let food go all the way down to the throat.....???? and can be life threatening.... but we will see i shall keep u posted...
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I had an english bulldog with mild megaesophagus. She would randomly regurgitate on your feet if you weren't quick enough but she lived to be about 10-11. I also had a bulldog with an elongated soft palate that had many of the same symptoms but not as severe. If it's the palate there is surgery available. My bully couldn't have it because she also had a heart condition.

Good luck!
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