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Societal Collapse and Dog starvation.

Hypothetically, what is the best way to euthanize a dog yourself in a scenario of societal collapse, where the vet is unavailable and the dog is going through starvation? I simple want to be prepared in case it ever happens, I love my dog and could never stand to see her go through pain like that. I know some people who have put down dogs themselves have shot them, I don't like the idea, something could go wrong.
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Dear Alexander, I don't really understand what the question is about. If you think you need to be prepared ahead of time, the dog wouldn't yet be starving  
  You are asking this in anticipation, go to your vet. I don't think all vets would be closed & the dogs would be in need.
    There are too many rescue groups, & city & state agency's also that would be helping.              
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Your hypothetical thinking seems to be a apocalypses in which case a starving dog may be the lest of your worries.  

In the past, out in the wilderness, I shooting (gun) a horse or dog to put it out of its misery was the standard method.   But then everyone carried or at least had access to a gun.

Reading about the Lewis and Clark search for a water path to the West Coast of the USA I learned it was common for humans to eat dogs when starvation was a threat.  I suppose the shot them first, that part was not explained.    I hope and believe for sanity sake I will never have to face that situation.

Sorry if I misunderstand your question or provide ideas and thinking that offends you.
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