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Spaying complications or parvo?

My dog was spayed 4 days ago. She began vomiting immediately and continued to until her death this morning. She was a pound puppy, a chihuahua mix, that we had for three weeks. The vets treated her with cerenia and I administered pedalite. She had no fever  and a little diarrhea towards the end. Does this sound like parvo?
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It would be a concern if it were Parvo for sure.  No way you could have the Vet test her?
"If" it were Parvo, you would have to sanitize whatever you could, almost impossible outside.  Should you decide to get another puppy, just make sure it is done with it's complete series of shots and a Vet may opt to give another Parvo booster.

Thank God for the organizations that do all these spay/nesters!  No way to tell unless the pup was checked but there can be any number of reasons this happened.
I am so sorry.
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Thanks for the comments. Tippy was a great dog and we miss her. Now, my wife is concerned that if we adopt a new puppy it will be exposed to parvo in our home.
By the way, the surgery was done by a non profit in conjunction with the pound. They probably did a couple of dozen operations that morning and I can't hold any hard feelings toward them.
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I am so sorry to read this.  How long had she been at the pound?  They could have done a test to determine if it was Parvo but I doubt it.

This could have been complications from anesthetic, surgery complications or any number of things.  Just no way to know for sure unless a necropsy and testing was done.

So sorry.  We have a little Chi mix Pound puppy too that the Shelter spay and I think she was about 4 mos old at the time.
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I know nothing about parvo, but my heart goes out to you and your lost puppy.  

My anger goes to your vet, regardless of how much is or is not his/her fault.

How old was your dog, you say puppy... that to me means no more than 6 months old and a spaying should be a simple easy surgery for a puppy.

I have owned only male dogs, so I can't say I write from the perspective of personal experience, still the vet should have done a better job.  Don't take any new work there would be my immediate advice.

I am sure there are other pound puppies needing a home, I hope you will try again.
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Being the owner of a pound puppy that survived his bout with Parvo, I don't think so.  There is always the chance with any puppy but usually pound puppies are tested for Parvo before they are even sent home.  At the least your vet should have tested her for it if she had any type of symptoms.  Following an incubation period that averages four to five days (you had your pup for 3 weeks),the acute illness begins with depression, vomiting, and diarrhea (yours started after surgery). Some dog have no fever, while others have high fever (up to 106°F, 41.1°C). Pups with severe abdominal pain exhibit a tucked-up abdomen. Diarrhea is profuse and contains mucus and/or blood. Dehydration develops rapidly.

I'm sorry for your loss and I hope you are able to get some answers from your vet.
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