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Stitches/Wound Aftercare

My Dachshund recently got stitches on his neck from where my larger dog ripped the skin off the side of his neck almost completely. The stitched wound is fairly long, and it's very swollen.. the ER vet didn't give any real aftercare instructions other than to contact my dachshund's vet.. The surgery on his neck cost near 800 dollars so I was going to check here before I went to the vet for some advice, in case you guys can help me so I might not have to pay another 150 dollars... How can I take care of my dogs wound? I can post pictures if need
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I would call the after-hours clinic where the surgery was done and ask for detailed wound care instructions.   I doubt there's much chance you're going to get to talk to the doctor, but a vet tech should be able to answer your questions.  Ask how soon your dog needs to see your regular vet.  Does it need to be Monday?  Or just within the next few days?  Or just when the stitches are ready to come out?  If it's ASAP, ask why -- what is it that needs to be done ASAP, just so you'll know?  (There could be a good reason.)  Ask how to care for the wound in the meantime.  Be polite and respectful.  Take the attitude of a concerned owner who just wants to get everything right, because you care so much about your dog.  You might want to mention, whether it's true or not, that you were so upset and concerned about your dog when you checked out of the clinic, that you just didn't think to ask about everything you need to know.  All of this is standard info that you should have been given, so don't feel bad about calling them back.  They're the ones who saw the wound, they're the ones who know what they did, they're the ones who should tell you what you need to know to be able to handle this situation for at least the next few days.  Sorry this happened, and best wishes on a full and speedy recovery.
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You got very good advice.
The ER vet should have given you instructions for care at home.  I would definitely call them with any questions and concerns you have.
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Did the vet give you antibiotics? swelling to some degree is normal...
the skin is inflaimed and needs to heal...
I would take the advice from above...Hope your babys well
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