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Sudden Seizures

Does anyone have experience with sudden seizures in their dog?? This happened to my firends dog pretty Xena about a week ago. It was very severe, and she had to be rushed to her vet. Her vet has not given a diagnosis yet, but put her on phenobarbitol and valium. My friend said that about a year ago Xena had epissodes of chaterring teeth and shaky legs  - she told her vet about it but he did not seem too concerned. The vet has not diagnosed the cause yet of this severe seizure last weekend ...but is monitoring the meds and bringing them down a bit.

Any advice or sharing much appreciated
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Thank you very much purplecat for sharing your experience...I appreciate it.
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Seizures are caused by many different things.  Phenobarbitol and valium is only a bandaid and makes the dog sleep so much.  If the vet finds it's a form of epilepsy then better meds will be prescribed. It could be a heart problem, or could be brain cancer or many other causes..  I've had 3 dogs that had seizures.  The epileptic dog lived a regular life on medication. The heart problem dog lived another couple of years until his heart valve went totally.  My beautiful Golden with brain cancer had to be put down after a couple of months.  I hope it's nothing serious but the Vet will diagnose.  
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