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Swollen lymphnodes left side. Golf balls. Panting going on 3 weeks

My dog was panting a week. Pay day she went to vet. Said probably tick desease. Could be lymphoma. WBC high and swollen lymphnodes. Doxy and steroid. Came back 2 weeks. Better on the mend but still needed antibiotics
So tried a different one. Even better and were ready to say she is ok. I said still panting can we try one more. Going on day 6. I accidentally only gave half a dose. Panting very bad always. Huge quadruple sized lymphnodes. Says could be babesiosis but convinced lymphoma. Thoughts? Camt get her in to oncologist now and I'm freaking out. Could it he something else. How likely. I will update. With the sudden huge swelling should I accept it? Her symptoms sound classic babesiosis. But those lymphnodes are giant. The panting has been going on 6 weeks. She was not eating but now part of life again. But the panting worsens. What tests should I ask for besides aspiration. All we have done is hemacratic blood work
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