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Hey. I have an adorable 14 week old chihuahua puppy. I can't tell you how many chewing toys we have got her. She will chew on them for a small amount of time then goes for anyones big toe. Does anyone know of a good chew / teething toy?
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LOL!!!   Gotta love puppies!!!!!
Time for some obedience training. She has to be told *NO!" when she goes for your toes.  You need to give her an alternative so she learns what is and is not acceptable.  
Have you tried the Nyla Bones or rope toys?  Of course, get one that is size appropriate.  
Get a small Kong toy and fill it with treats to keep her busy.  You can go to a butcher and ask him to cut up beef knuckle bones (not too small) for her to chew on. You just give them raw but when they start to dry out, toss it.  I used to have the butcher cut them up to size for me and I kept them in the freezer.  
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Thank you so much. I will try the Nyla Bones or rope toy. We do have a kong, that keeps her happy for about 15 minutes until the treat is gone. Then she goes for the toes. She LOVES toes.
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