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Very sick dog

I am very worried about my 16 yr old Westie. Until a month ago very heathy in every way. A month ago he started  a very dry hack ( not cough, not like kennel cough,and not often.thought it was allergy.) Two weeks ago it became more frequent ,like something was stuck in his throat. Took to his vet of many yrs, and he felt nothing,and gave us a cough surpressant to try. Now there had been no Change  in eating, pooping,no fever. Four days later he starts gagging, and throwing up phlegm.nothing else.Back to Vet still no fever, so we do x- Rays, and blood work up.They show nothing, he is excellent on all tests, for a dog his age. Ok so now what, so we are given an antibiotic to take with cough surpressant. He has now lost two lbs., cannot get comfortable, and wants to be left alone. Not my baby!!! The hack is all but gone,the gagging and throw up still there, so he adds a throw-up pill.The throw-up is sour, even if it's just flem.I am trying to think of everything, no changes in the home, food,Oh he keeps licking his lips, trying to get moisture!,,He's drinking like always. I need help,If it's not cancer, and bloodork is good? Where do I go?
Please help,my best friend
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I'm sorry he is so unwell right now. Licking his lips can indicate nausea.

I wonder if it could be that the cough suppressant has side effects and that might have caused his vomiting? Did you mean that the vomiting started after he was taking the cough suppressant?
Is the cough suppressant called "Temaril-P" ? If so, it can cause stomach upset. The way around this is to make sure it is always given with food.

Has he had heart checks? You said his X rays and blood work are good. Did the vet check for everything? Including renal function? Sometimes if there is a heart problem it can cause coughing and fluid build up in the lungs.

I really hope he starts to feel better soon. Just because he is 16 doesn't mean he can't feel okay.
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Thanks so much for info,you are right it is Temaril,and Baytril, and last one cerenia( vomit. Pill)  have been giving the first two with food.
He did vomit before cough pill, but it was yellowish foam, and he does that from time to time. After med. it was a phlem. Now we are back to gagging and nothing coming out.
The X-rays showed no growths, they were looking for cancer,or something stuck somewhere.Red and White blood, all good.Heart good,no mumer,no fluid in the lungs)
I first though he had something stuck in his throat,now I am thinking acid reflux....because it is so sour,and he stays still after he eats,but has hadtough time after that getting comfortable all nite,and day. I just started smaller meals with rice and chicken,he did not eat rice.
I really don't know how much longer he can stand this, he is so miserable.the Vet wants to run an ultra sound next but I think we should look down his throat,but don't want to put him asleep.thanks so much!
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Agree with Ginger.  I don't know about that cough suppressant.  

Especially, due to his age, it could be any number of things.  Heart issues come to mind but I assume the Vet was able to rule that out.  Was a complete panel done showing WBC, renal and liver function?

Nit sure what meds he us in but you might ask the Vet about trying Pepcid.

Was he tested for Heartworm?  Is he in Heartworm meds?  Was he checked for parasites?  Feeding any new food?

Anything new such as his bedding, in the house or outside?  

Your Vet may have to do a scope.

The sour smell is probably coming from the stomach.  I would try putting him on a bland diet of boiled chicken (no skin) and rice for a few days.  It may be a bad case of reflux.  

Not sure where he sleeps but you might try running a humidifier near him to moisten the air.  

Hope you can get some answers.  He obviously is not feeling well.
Please come back and update and good luck.
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It could be inflammation in the Oesophagus.... Yes that in itself would make him feel pretty miserable.
You say the X-rays couldn't see signs of anything stuck? Dogs often do gag quite frequently if they have anything stuck in the throat. Or maybe if the inflammation is causing any swelling. The phlegm you mentioned (or mucus) can often be an effect of inflammation somewhere down his throat or Oesophagus.
Acid reflux would cause inflammation -yes. Pepcid would help that -if it is the case.
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Another thought I forgot to mention....if food is somehow getting stuck on its way down somewhere, and causing inflammation, then if it came back up it would have an odd smell, unlike ordinary regurgitated food
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Ladies it is with a broken heart tonite I must tell you how sick my Bailey boy is. I had to find a specialist, he was going fast.Found the best, but it's too late.
My Vet said he had a radioigist read the X-rays, but this wonderful man took one look and showed us a mass or a hernia this am. We left hoping for the hernia,it was not'it was a mass at the base of the esphogious and top of stomach.( my poor little guy) not removable and pretty sure it is cancer.
When the call came, I was not prepared at for this.this Vet was actually thinking it was neoulgical until this morning when he received the actual x-Rays.
Our choices, one send him home with a feeding tube so he is pain free and can eat,or just send home, until biopsies are in, three put him to sleep  now while he is under? Selfish me chose no. One, to have five days to say good bye.
The Vet said there might be treatment after we know what kind it is.I have had breast cancer and just don't think my best friend deserves that route, I don't really know.
I just wanted to post and say thanks, I hope this helps someone,I really do. Our symptoms were textbook, four out of five. We all did our best, but I wonder what if anything did I miss this last six months.
Thanks again for all the kind words, and help,and never be afraid to pick up and find that second opinion.
Bless our furry best friends.
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Oh, I am so very sorry you got this sad news.  Thank goodness you were able to seek the opinion of a specialist. At least you have some definitive answers and some tough decisions to make.  Of course, you don't want him to have to deal with this discomfort daily.
As we often say, sometimes you just cannot second guess yourself.  Had the mass been discovered earlier, and determined to be malignant, you were probably looking at surgery and possibly chemo.  What quality of life would be have had,especially at his age.  
Thank you so much for coming back and sharing this with us.  Very sad news but, yes, we all learn from each other.
Know that you are in our thoughts.  Feel free to post if you feel you need to.
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