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What could have happened to my dogs?

My dog, Bailey, hurt herself when a squirrel jumped out of a tree onto the fence and scared Bailey. When Bailey landed her back looked out of alignment but she still chased the squirrel. When I caught her her back still looked out of alignment towards her left hind leg. I started to manipulate the leg to see if she was ok and not only did she yelp but her leg or hip popped really loud. Her back looked back to normal alignment after. She has been jumping and walking on it but I can see she is favoring it. If I touched it on thr of the leg she yelped yesterday. This morning it's rendering the outside too. Money is extremely tight so a weekend emergency vet I can't afford and they won't touch her without money up front. Bailey is 2 1/2 years old and is my world please help
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I'm sorry to hear that and I hope Bailey is doing better. I don't think there is much we can help you with without here as this sounds like a visit to a vet where they can examine the dog and possibly take some x rays.
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Oh gosh, I'm sorry to hear this as well.  Dogs lose their minds when they see a squirrel!  I do think your dog needs to see a vet.  It's passed the weekend now so perhaps regular care will be less expensive.  I had a dog who hurt her back.  They have doggie anti inflammatories that I gave to her that helped reduce her pain and the inflammation so she could heal.  That she is getting around and jumping IS a good sign but you she is still hurting.  It might be worth a bit of expense to make sure she's alright and see if she needs anything to heal faster.

Good luck and hope all will be well!
Thank you! I did get her to her normal vet and she has a blown ACL. She also has patella luxation, which means her patella is dislocating often. They gave her medication for pain and inflammation. Thanks again for answering.
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