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What is normal behavior for dogs after an enema?

My 7month old puppy was constipated and so I took him in to the vet this morning at which point he was given an enema and fluids. After that he was very restless, pacing around and trying to hide his bottom by sitting down all the time. He was able to pass a bit of loose stool about an hour ago, but he's still very lethargic with occasional whimpering and fast panting. I was just wondering if this is normal behavior for dogs after getting an enema?
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Sorry, I have no experience with this. Dud the Vet do an x-Ray to check for a possible blockage?  I would be concerned.
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It's hard to guage "normal behavior" when a pup
can not be seen in person.
I suggest you contact the vet who gave the pup
this enema or after hours vet,give the reactions
you are seeing and get their opinion,unfortunate
that it is,no one here can give the needed infor-
mation,PLEASE get ahold of you vet or another
vet as only they can help or offer advice or help.
Please come back and let us know what was
done to help as it may helps others and we want
to know how your little guy is doing.
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