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What is the best treatment for CHF (Congestive Heart Failure)

I have a ten month old Pomeranian who has pretty advances Congestive Heart Failure. When he was going through his shots stage he was diagnosed with a stage one heart murmur. By the time I had him fixed at six months he was at stage two.  Chandler Bing has had fainting spells since he was very young.  I noticed them when he was around three months. On 5-19-2011 I took him in for a large belly. At first I thought it might be worms or blockage. After listening to his heart the vet told me he now was at a stage five heart murmur.  He was given an x-ray and his belly was full of fluid and he had a round heart with the windpipe raised.  A liter of fluid was removed from Chandler Bings tummy.  And he was prescribed Enalapril Maleate0.25mg 1 pill twice a day and Furosemide 12.5mg  1 ½ pills twice a day. The first week he really didn’t want to go on walks anymore or play (which he loves); he started having accidents when he pees in his sleep. This week he has been more interested in walks, and has had fewer accidents.  A couple things are alarming though. One fainting spell this week in which I slowly picked him up and he started screaming and his tong and gums are pale white sometimes. The next day I took him to the vet and she said he was fine and extracted .5 liters of fluid from his belly. Is he on the best medications? I am thinking about taking him in for a second opinion. I know Chandler Bing will not be around for a long time but, I want the rest of his days to be of good quality.
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Hello & welcome.....The best treatment will come from a Vet that specializes in Cardiology....If possible, have your regular Vet refer you to a Canine Cardiologist for Chandler's treatment.....IMO, that would be the way to go......Karla
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Please don't think he has a limited time,my old Chihuahua was on Fortical from the age of 9-10 and he lived till he was 17,and that's not what he died of it was old age ,i hope the tablets help him to get better
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