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Why Is My 5 Year Old Cocker Spainel Bleeding Excessivley?

my 5 year old cocker spainel just ended her doggie period cycle a few weeks ago. now she stopped bleeding for about a week maybe 2 but now she is excessivley bleeding again. i dont want to put her to sleep because she is a member of the family. i want to seek medical advice on what it can be. she even bleeds through a human period pad plus her doggie diaper liner. im  pretty sure that is not normal. she stopped eating for about 3-4 days she was only drinking water. alot of water. she now eats a little bit here and there little nibbles. now i want to get her into the vet. but i unfortunetly dont have enough room in my finances to afford alot of vet bills.(and vets can get very expensive) now  this is not saying i dont want to get her medical attention. i just cant get into something i wont be able to afford my self out of.
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She does need to see the vet urgently. Please do find a way to take her there, even if it means giving up something else you need or would like to have.
If you don't have much money, are on benefits or a low earner, there nay be charitable help or financial help of some kind available

Many vets won't do this, especially if they are dealing with a new client/patient, but you don't know unless you ask....that is ask if a payment plan is available, as you are on low income but need to help your dog.

Investigate overdraft facilities at your bank, and what the charges would be for an arranged overdraft. It may not be as bad as you think! And may release quite a good amount of cash within a day!

But please get your dog some help. This bleeding is not normal.
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Ah, your poor doggie. So, you have control at the vet. You can take her in to be checked.  Talk about what is going on and what 'could' be wrong and then decide from there.  Then you are out a vet visit which is I think around 35 dollars most places. You can decide if you want to do any testing if they recommend it.  Your dog could simply have a little hormonal issue!  (I can relate, so do I!) ha)  So, take her in and get her checked and then decide.  Don't assume it's 'the end' and you have to consider euthanizing her.  Let me know what the vet says!
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