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Why did my dog die so sudden?

My dog was a German Shepard who was 11 years old. Last Monday (May 4th) we noticed swelling in her left front leg. It went from the paw all the way up to the shoulder. She was an outside dog and loved to dig so we thought she may have broken her arm while doing something outdoors. We took her to the vet and the vet looked at it as either a possible tumor or a sprain/broken bone. We didn't do X-rays that day but instead was given 10 days of ibuprofen and Benadryl and was told to come back when they're finished. The week we came home from the vet she limped around & dragged her paw but was fully alert to everything and ate and drank like normal. This Monday, (May 13th) when we were heading off for the day we let her outside like normal and noticed there was blood on her pillow and blankets. We thought it was her period so we didn't pay much attention. That night we were bringing her in for the day and noticed the blood was coming from the right elbow. We brought her inside and cleaned her up but she didn't really want to walk. Understandably, with a swollen paw and a bleeding elbow we carried her to her bed. I watched her eat and drink like I have been doing since she started her medication to make sure she wasn't hiding it and noticed she started panting. I gave her more water which she drank and then went to bed. Tuesday morning we gave her her breakfast pills and noticed she turned her head to the food.  We left it outside thinking she just didn't like it (she hated taking medication) and then went to let her out. She didn't want to get up so we had to patiently work with her. Around 3pm on Tuesday, we came home to my dog sitting on the side of the house in the dirt. She was refusing all food and water and didn't want to move. We called the vet to let them know we were bringing her in a day early and brought her inside. We had to carry her because she wasn't moving at all. When she was inside we tried one more time giving her water and once again she refused it. She started panting and we saw her tongue as a pale/white color. As soon as we saw that we picked her up and put her in the car to take her to the vet. Once in the car she started shaking and twitching and within seconds she was gone... We were devastated and when we got to the vet we never asked for a report but now I'm extremely curious and it would help me sleep so much better at night knowing the cause. We can't believe she's gone, our protector.  It would mean so much to get answers. Thank you in advanced!
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Hello. I am so sorry for your loss. The speed this all occurred must have left you in shock, as well as the sadness. There are lots of potential causes and ordinarily I would say your vet is definitely the best person to answer any questions you may have ... but on this occasion, you should get second opinion from another vet. The thing that jumps out at me is the Ibuprofen, which I am alarmed to note you say your vet prescribed as a pain killer for your dog.


I put that in capitals so others reading this thread would see it clearly.

I would stick my neck out here and say the most likely cause of your dog's death is a reaction caused by the Ibuprofen. I am not a vet, so cannot say that with any certainty. But you may wish to do some research on the Internet, if you want this confirming.

I hope this information helps.

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Hi,thank you. I'm sorry, my mistake! She wasn't prescribed ibuprofen but was given pain killers along with the Benadryl. I'm not too sure the name of it.
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Hi. In that case I would suggest you go back to your vet and ask any questions you have. As they saw your dog, they should have far more insight into the circumstances than I have and should be able to explain what most likely happened.

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