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Why did my dog die?

I was hiking with both of my german shepards, suddenly the younger one (7 months old, about 50 pounds), laid down and couldnt keep going. I put him on my back and started the descent, but after 10 minutes, he started vomiting a yellow/brown liquid and began faiting. Then I started running with him on my back, but after a while he stopped moving and i realized he couldnt breathe anymore. The temperature was very hot(about 32 degrees Celsius 90 Farenheint), but i kept him hydrated by giving him water every 20/30 minutes, what couldve happened?
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I am really sorry for your loss. It has come as a terrible shock too.

I obviously can't tell you why he died. He could have had an undiagnosed condition. But it could have been heat stroke. Even with regular drinks of water, a dog can develop heat stroke if exercising hard -or even moderately -in high temperatures like that.
Even though your other dog was okay, and you did your best by giving regular hydration....there are most likely some who are more pre-disposed to developing heat stroke than others.

I am sorry. My kindest thoughts.

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