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Why is my dog lethargic and not eating?

My dog (4 year-old black lab/cattle dog mix) has eaten minimally the past few days and is now eating nothing despite apparent interest.  He is typically overly energetic and is now quite lethargic (he is typically in your face energetic and will barely get up when approached).  He has always had a habit of carrying whatever he can find in his mouth like a blanket etc. (ala Linus from Charlie Brown) and has had a history of chewing.  The dogs (we have 2 other labs) stay in the basement during the day so he has a habit of finding and chewing socks from the nearby laundry setup.  After trying multiple types of food options (new kibble, rice, wet dog food, treats, bread, etc.), he is not eating anything.

We have taken him to the vet now after about 3 days of minimal eating and about 2 days of no eating.  He was given a full inspection and no obvious obstructions were noted (there is still a chance he ate a sock or something).  He was given a B12 and anti-nausea shot.  If he doesn't eat tomorrow morning, we are to bring him back for either an X-Ray and/or a blood test.  We may need to proceed to a barium enema and potentially surgery if there is an impassable obstruction.

Obviously, money is tight this time of year and we are already dealing with a "when it rains, it pours" situation on top of it.  We want to make sure we are doing the right thing and need a second opinion before we get several hundreds/thousands of dollars into this.  Please help!
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Margot49 x 2 here. I too am surprised that an x-ray wasn't recommended. My experience is that an x-ray and blood work (although not cheap) are usually the most economical first steps.

With mine, soft scrambled eggs were the last resort food wise. I would then use some milk and water (if they would drink) just to get some type of protein in them. Another option is watery oatmeal with a little milk. But I would only allow just a little bit in case there is some blockage.

Please keep us informed.
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I am surprised the Vet didn't do an x-Ray during that visit.  Did he do blood work like a CBC? I assume the Vet checjed his mouth thoroughly for any bad teeth, sores, etc?  If he is a chewer, there is a good possibility he has swallowed something.  I suggest you keep the laundry more secure.  
Have you tried some chicken and rice? Even just low sodium broth?  
Not much advice I can give but something definitely is not right.  I would at least want blood work and an X-Ray done.
Gould luck and please come back to update.
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To me it doesn't seem like an obstruction. It is possible, but it is also possible he has a tic borne disease or is just feeling a little sick. Ask the vet to check for lyme and other tic disease, and parasites!
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