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Will my dog be okay if she ate bad chicken?

Okay let me start bye saying the chicken made me sick so I threw it away...then the next day I caught her eating it out of the out side trash after sitting out all night and part of the day. Now she had diarrhea really watery she never goes in the house and she did now. She it's been all day and she just started shaking and panting and could barely walk.she drank a little water. Then I carried her outside and she could barely make it. She went immediately she farted I'm so worried.  
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Dogs, ugh. Trash diggers.  I was walking one time with my dog and we walked by a dumpster and I wasn't paying attention.  I look down and she had a whole fried egg in her mouth.  Like, really?  Dogs are not like humans when it comes to food.  They can even eat raw chicken safely if they are a healthy dog!  (not that you should ever give it to them).  Dogs systems have evolved to process raw meat.  However, if a dog has a bad immune system, they can get sick from things like raw or rotten chicken.  Since your dog is showing signs of gastrointestinal distress with diarrhea, you may want to call your vet.  But really, food poisoning from spoiled food or raw food is very rare in dogs as they have so much stomach acid.  Since your dog is showing signs of it though, you will want to have him checked.  Dogs and dehydration happen.  I had a dog that got pancreatitis from getting into a pizza box and eating all the crusts that had been left inside by my party's non crust eating goers.  My dog had lots of diarrhea.  She needed fluids.  So, that could be going on as well.  So, call the vet.  
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