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Yesterday morning my dog wouldn't move or respond

She was so still that for a moment I thought the worse had happened overnight.  Eventually, I carried her outside and she was able to stand to pee.  She drank water but didn't want to eat.  For the most part she lays with her eyes open not moving at all.  I took her to the vet who insists it just soreness in her paws because they are very red.  But this doesn't seem right to me.  My dog is allergic to grass so she is constantly licking and chewing on her paws.  They have been red for the several years we have had her and it never stopped her from running, jumping & walking.   They gave me antibiotic, predisone and a pain reliever.

The night before we took a walk as usual, but an hour later she was slow to move but was moving. . .I assumed she was tired.   24 hours later, she still just lays very still with her eyes open.  She doesn't bark at all which is odd coming from my very vocal JRT.  Any ideas?
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When a usually active dog suddenly doesn't want to move it is likely to be because of pain or some other severe discomfort.
One of the only ways I could tell my dog had pyometra (serious inflammation of the womb) was because she lay down and didn't want to move at all. (I rushed her to the vet and all was well in the end, though that happened many years ago.)
Not wanting to move yet being fully conscious, is likely to be a sign of pain.

I hope things worked out okay with your dog Philly726? Did you find out what was wrong?
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Oh my goodness!  That would worry me too?  Is she better?
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