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a small growth on my goldens eye lid

Hi there, I have a 6 year old golden retriever and about a year ago she got this very tiny growth on her eye lid.  about 3mm big.  The vet said it was fine and not to worry but I just rubbed her eye to clean them and the growth almost fell off so I tried to take the rest off but got scared I would do something worse.  Can I remove it with twezzers? or will I do more damage?  Thank you for any help with this. Jason
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i wouldn't try to remove it yourself, you could do more damage, but if you take her to the vet they will probably remove it for you if it looks like it's falling off
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Oh sorry -I answered you other post without reading this one.
So it obviously isn't a tick.
It depends now on whether there was any damage to the skin of her eyelid as you removed the growth. If in your opinion, the growth was falling off anyway, and you just helped it off and you were very careful about it -and there is no open wound, no obvious damage, and no bleeding -then it may be just fine. But keep a watch on it to make sure all stays well.
Any nasty-looking or inflamed wound, or bleeding... -I would take her for the vet to have a look at it.
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