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agressive beagle biting other pets

We have been fostering a beagle mix who is hospice for a stage 4 heart murmur and some form of cancer and she attacked a small dog that we were pet sitting for no apparent reason.  The small dog ( maltese) was playing with our golden doodle and all of a sudden the beagle mix went after the maltese.  She bit the maltese's ear ( a scratch) but I am concerned about what would have happened if we hadn't been there to stop her.  She has only attacked once before in the four months that we have had her. It was over a rawhide bone, so we have been very careful about not having her near other dogs when there is food around and of course there are no more rawhide bones around.  We watch other dogs on occasion and I am concerned for not only my own dogs safety but those of visiting dogs.  My daughter is a volunteer at the local shelter and is having a difficult time with the idea of taking the foster (beagle mix ) back to the shelter in fear that they will put her down.   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as my daughter is distraught about this.
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Hi Julie    My first thought is a Pain issue making this girl crabby....Is she on any pain meds for the cancer?
I don't think the rawhide bone issue is uncommon...This happens at my house if all the creatures don't each have one. ;)  
I would keep them seperated while your not supervising...A baby-gated room or crate for this missy while your away. (Running errands and such)....Do let her out the second you get home because socialization with the pack is very important....
Is the Maltese a female, also? This could have been a gender thing.....I have found that females are the worst!!!!  I have a Bichon that will do this to only one particular Shih tzu that comes to visit...She has never done it to anyother dog, male or female!  Good luck and keep us updated.....Karla
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We had two female dogs, and the more dominant one would on occasion attack the smaller one.  As Misfits4Me said, keep them separated when they have treats.  You are a very good person to give this dog a good final home, please don't give up on her, she needs someone like you right now.  Thank You.
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